Sex Bomb

Book Cover: Sex Bomb
Part of the Sunsetters series:

Dylan Drake is out and proud. Admittedly, he’s been cruising from one bad romance to another, but when the studio behind his latest show insists on providing a female date/bodyguard for a red carpet event he’s totally unprepared for what Kira Carter-Wells does to him.

Kira’s mission is simple… arrive late, depart early and in between ensure her drop dead sexy charge stays out of trouble. But keeping one of Hollywood’s favourite bad boys in check isn’t quite so easy, especially when he refuses to acknowledge the danger he’s in, and all he has to do is smile and he turns Kira inside out.

As the pair navigate a world of glamour, celebrity crushes and knife-wielding maniacs, it becomes increasingly difficult to focus on what’s right, particularly when what’s wrong feels so good.

Sexuality, it turns out, is more fluid than either of them ever imagined.

Publisher: Incantatrix Press

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