Bath Bomb

Recipe for a wild weekend: Take one geeky actor, a video game icon, and cinema’s best known towel model. Add a chocolate-box cottage, a liberal sprinkling of snow… make that lots of snow, and an oversized bath-tub.


(What? You were expecting something highbrow? You did read the title, right?)

Join Lorne, Jasper and Mikayla as they shed their winter woollies, and get wet ‘n’ wild in the wilderness. Identities are mistaken, feelings get bruised, but plenty of hot stuff happens too.

Like nakedness

There’s a lot of nakedness.

And kissing.

And kissing while naked.

And sex.

There is quite a bit of sex…

Oh, and a bathtub, in case you haven’t guessed.

There might also be some feelings involved. Prepare to fall in love with one, or more, of the occupants of said bath-tub.

Publisher: Incantatrix Press

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